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Naturum Vattenriket visitor centre

April- 17 June
open Tuesday-Sunday 11-17

18 June- 31 August
open daily 11-17

Closed major Midsummer
Phone: +46 44 13 23 30

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Naturum Vattenriket visitor centre

The naturum Vattenriket visitor centre, on the banks of the River Helge å, just west of Kristianstad railway station, is a natural starting point when visiting Vattenriket. Here you find exhibitions, guided tours and all the information you need.

When you have visited the exhibition at Naturum Vattenriket and replenished your energy levels in the restaurant, you should take the time to explore the biosphere reserve. You can either make your own way to some of our 20 visitor sites, or book a guided tour on the water or on land. Our staff in reception will be pleased to offer tips and advice about excursions.

Naturum Vattenriket

Naturum visitors center, in the wetlands, close to the city.
Foton Sven-Erik Magnusson.

map trails Walking in Vattenriket Linnérundan Trail, Näsby fält and Ekenabben
The naturum Vattenriket visitor centre is a good starting point for walks close to the centre of town. From here you can follow the Linnérundan Trail over the seasonally flooded grasslands or walk all the way to Norra Lingenäset. To the south, you can follow the shoreline of Lake Hammarsjön to the flooded forest at Ekenabben.pdf(pdf 2 MB)